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We know that every business is unique and in our 35 years doing business, we have seen it all. Below is a general list of services we provide, however, to make your business truly successful we will provide you with a personalized quote.

Tax Preparation

We provide a broad spectrum of comprehensive tax services for businesses and individuals which includes tax planning, tax return preparation, compliance with IRS regulations and tax consultation throughout the year for all of your tax and financial related issues. Our knowledgeable professionals constantly study the tax code and changes in the tax policies to ensure that you are in compliance with the law while receiving all of the deductions to which you are entitled. In addition, we assist you in developing long range tax strategies to minimize your tax liabilities in the future.

IRS Problem Resolution

Our experienced tax professionals work with you to respond to any IRS letters or notices in a quick and efficient manner. We can assist you with any payment schedules that you may need to clear up, back taxes due and we can help you obtain a reduced tax bill if you meet the appropriate requirements. We will represent you with the IRS in case you are audited and we help you prepare your tax documents for the audit.

Contractors Board and Bonding

We prepare compiled and reviewed financial statements as required by the Nevada State Contractors Board for bid limit compliance and bid limit increases. We also prepare annual financial statements as required by your bonding company.

Financial Statement Preparation & Analysis

Our office prepares both reviewed and compiled financial statements as required by your lender, bank, bonding company, licensing board, stockholders or investors. We prepare the statements in compliance with the standards established by the AICPA.

Start-up Advisory Services

Our focus is small businesses and their owners. We provide consultation and guidance from the very beginning of your business including how to select the appropriate entity, obtaining a federal identification number, selecting your accounting software, setting up your chart of accounts, determining your initial capital and borrowing needs and compliance with federal, state and local tax laws. We act as a resource to give you every advantage of succeeding in your business endeavors. View the video below to better understand the benefits of having a CPA as your Trusted Adviser.

Management Consultation

Our professionals have over 35 years of experience in advising clients on issues such as equipment and/or building lease vs. buy decisions, retirement plan selection, saving plans, employment and personnel issues, independent contractor matters, how to manage growth, and cash flow and budgeting.

Business Plans

A strategic business plan is needed with starting a new business, growing or expanding an existing business, obtaining new financing or investors, or winding down and selling a business. Our firm assists you in developing a solid management plan in order to meet your objectives including a timeline and specific tasks needed.


 We can assist you with your monthly, quarterly or annual bookkeeping needs including bank reconciliations, check coding, account analysis, general ledger maintenance, and financial reporting for management use.

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