June 7, 2016

Below are our most frequently asked questions.

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Q: What do your bookkeeping services include?

A: Our bookkeeping services can include any and all of the following: accounts payable and receivable, billing, payroll, monthly and quarterly taxes, bank reconciliations, general ledger entries and monthly trial balances. If desired, we can also generate financial statements.

Q: What do your accounting services include?

A: These services often include helping clients create budgets, perfecting financial statements and preparing local, state and federal tax returns. We also offer audit and business valuation services, monitor depreciation of assets and help our clients determine cash flow needs.

Q: Why do I need a business plan and what does it include?

A: A business plan is a tool for understanding how you are going to build your business.  It can help you monitor your success, get funding and recruit employees.  A good business plan includes an executive summary, a business description, a market strategy, competitive analysis, a design and development plan, operations and management plan and financial factors.  However, every business is different so every business plan must be unique and specific to your business.  You can research most requirements, but using an expert to make sure that you don’t miss any critical components is crucial.

Q: I just started a Medical Marijuana business in Nevada, can you help me with my taxes?

A: Yes.  The state and federal requirements are unique to your industry, so we provide specific accounting and tax preparation services for the cannabis and medical marijuana industries.  We are experts in this area and will help you naviate your accounting for this complex industry. Avoid potential fines and penalties by planning ahead and securing your accounting services now!  Contact us for a consultation and we will review your individual business requirements.