Cannabis Services

November 20, 2017

It is an exciting time for the Medical Marijuana and Cannabis industries!

Did you know that twenty-three states, Guam, and Washington, DC, have all passed laws allowing the use of marijuana as a medical treatment for certain conditions?  (Medical CPAs Issue Brief)  Although widespread, this industry has many state and federal regulations regarding taxes and income reporting that are different from other industries.  Receiving accounting services from a Certified Public Accountant is imperative for the cannabis industry.


In accordance to federal law, cannabis related businesses must adhere to accounting and tax regulations. It is imperative to work with an expert in the industry. Kim Walker, CPA, is an expert in accounting and tax preparation for the medical marijuana industry. She is diligent about making sure her clients meet bookkeeping and accounting requirements for their individual states.


Kim Walker, CPA will consult with you to determine what services your company needs to make your business successful and ensure your accounting meets all necessary federal and state requirements.


For a consultation to determine what services would be most appropriate for your business, contact Kim Walker, CPA.  Please contact Kim via phone at 702-636-4031 or emailing Kim looks forward to helping your business become even more successful.


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